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EQUATION LADY Advanced 2024

EQUATION LADY Advanced 2024

Normale prijs €149,00 EUR
Normale prijs €149,00 EUR Aanbiedingsprijs €149,00 EUR
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Translate to English: Best paddle for intermediate-level players in 2022 according to the prestigious Swedish product evaluation firm Testfakta. The EQUATION LADY Advanced combines maneuverability, control, and precision with a great feel and a wide sweet spot provided by the rubber used in professional paddles. It features a medium balance, carbon frame, and an anti-vibration system to protect players from injuries. The "Lady" version is identical to the Equation Advanced, with differences only in cosmetics and a lower weight range available. The 3D-textured faces enhance spin, and it includes the replaceable Smartstrap® for added safety and customization.


- Shape: Round
- Thickness: 38 mm
- Weight: 350-365 grams
- Core: HR3
- Frame: 100% Carbon
- Face: 3K Fiber Glass
- Control: 8.5/10
- Power: 9/10
- Certified Quality

Testea Padel certifies its quality against frame and face breakage, as well as product durability against fatigue.


- CARBON FRAME: Provides more rigidity and durability to the frame and the paddle.
- DCS - DYNAMIC COMPOSITE STRUCTURE: Minimizes the difference in hardness between the frame and the face, reducing the risk of fiber cutting during impacts.
- HR3 RUBBER: Denser than HR3, enhances the speed at which the paddle regains its pre-impact state, maximizing power.
- FIBER GLASS: Interwoven fiberglass threads form a 3K weave, resulting in a stronger product.
- AVS: Absorbs vibrations from off-center hits.
- SMARTSTRAP®: Customizable, hygienic, and safe, allowing easy cord replacement without voiding the warranty.
- ROUGH SURFACE: Honeycomb-patterned roughness on the face's top layer enhances spin for more effective shots.
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